For experienced importers

- Preproductive control
- Postproductive control
- Stationary control
- Loading process control

For beginners in import

- Comprehensive import service
- Searching the manufacturers
- Inspecting the manufacturer

For Exporters

- Export to China

For Exporters

Although the Chinese market is very wide and absorptive, boosting export to China is not an easy task.

We meet customers’ orders for the following:

  1. producing documentation – compiling a report on the potential and barriers to entry for the customer’s product into the Asian market;
  2. finding Chinese trading partners who can organise distribution of our customer’s product;
  3. handling freight from Europe to Asia at attractive prices.

Selection of the optimal method of exporting to China and marketing the products should be based on a comprehensive analysis of many factors such as market absorption, structure of a potential user group, types of similar products already available at the market, etc. Reliable market research can provide information not only on the market status in a chosen sector, but also on the potential response of the market to the introduction of a new product, or whether the planned market entry strategies (pricing policy, market entry method, financial outlays for marketing) will produce a beneficial effect.

As we carry out the market research in cooperation with Chinese professionals, it includes the analysis of all the necessary information for taking a decision on export to China and relevant marketing strategies. Preparing the report, we consult our customers about the scope of the report and its level of detail. We also agree on the list of issues to be analysed by the report in detail in order to provide full and exhaustive answers to all questions put by our customers.

Selection of a market entry strategy depends to a large extent on the product itself. Consumer goods and industrial goods are distributed in a different way. The nature of the product exported determines the type of an addressee (either nationwide importers or regional agents), which helps to produce the desired effects. A reliable and efficient trading partner is one of the key elements in ensuring success of the export to China. Finding and contacting such company, checking its credibility and the scale of its business as well as negotiating preliminary terms of cooperation from a distance or during short visits may turn out to be difficult and may not yield any tangible results.

Considering the market entry method chosen by our customer, we find suitable partners and analyse them thoroughly. If we know the customer’s needs and the product to be marketed, we are able to present reliable and effective sectoral partners whose market position gives a guarantee of reaching a desirable goal. If the end user is our customer’s target group, we can find reliable partners even in the most remote parts of China. In both cases we offer our customers not only sourcing of their partners but also advice and representation during trade negotiations. Gathering precise and detailed information about a Chinese partner as well as its business, legal and administrative environment can bring about beneficial effects.

Thanks to a careful analysis of all legal provisions and import procedures relevant to the product, we make our customers aware of the criteria to be met by their products. We inform them what documents they should prepare and when they should submit them to competent Chinese authorities, which is of great significance when the production process, composition or some aspects of functioning are a trade secret or industrial property of the producer. Detailed information about the requirements will ensure the timely transfer of a complete set of documents to the Chinese partner and the awareness of the costs incurred will prevent our customer from assigning too low value to the offer made.

Providing support for the products that enter the Chinese market, we do our best to devise a system that brings our customer the greatest advantages. Our cooperation with local marketing companies in China – in consultation with our customer and Chinese distributor – leads to the creation of an effective model of product promotion, which guarantees the unchanged trademark image and measures aimed at the most favourable sales terms.