For experienced importers

- Preproductive control
- Postproductive control
- Stationary control
- Loading process control

For beginners in import

- Comprehensive import service
- Searching the manufacturers
- Inspecting the manufacturer

For Exporters

- Export to China


  1. Verification of the credibility of the producer (reliability of documents).
  2. Inspection of the factory premises:
  • checking the quality of the machine park and manufacturing capacity,
  • screening the factual employment numbers,
  • checking the quality of goods produced so far,
  • collecting and dispatching product samples.

Finally, a detailed report with photos is produced.

POST-PRODUCTION INSPECTION (the most recommended form of inspection preceding the payment for the goods ordered)

  1. inspection of a randomly selected lot, e.g. 20% of the order, measuring the level of quality based on the AQL method,
  2. inspection of the entire order (100% of products subject to control).


  1. constant supervision over the production process,
  2. regular reporting,
  3. delivering samples from the successive phases of the production process.


  1. supervision over container loading, checking proper loading pattern of goods and safety measures, visual documentation.