For experienced importers

- Preproductive control
- Postproductive control
- Stationary control
- Loading process control

For beginners in import

- Comprehensive import service
- Searching the manufacturers
- Inspecting the manufacturer

For Exporters

- Export to China

For beginners in import


We are offering the service to businesses and individuals who for various reasons do not intend to or cannot become an importer, but who want to gain a direct access to the resources of the Asian market.
You indicate the product or raw material of your interest.
Our task involves: finding an adequate supplier, delivery of samples, supervision over production and loading processes. We can import on your behalf, clear and deliver the goods to your warehouse – providing you with a DOOR-TO-DOOR service.
The service is provided on the basis of a legally binding agreement.


On the basis of the information provided by our customer and the specification of the products desired, we compile a list of Chinese or Indian suppliers.
The list contains information on the best prices, quality to price ratio and offers from the highest price group.
We can also enter into negotiations on your behalf with the producer selected by you.
The service often includes the delivery of samples, supervision over the processing of the order and loading of goods, dealing with legal formalities in China or India, etc.


We also offer services in the field of auditing the selected producer. The scope of the service varies from customer to customer: from a simple check of the company’s registration documents that prove its existence, to an on-site inspection at the factory premises and checking the company’s human resources and production capacity, to the quality control of the goods made so far, to collecting and forwarding samples and preparing visual documentation of the inspection carried out.